200 Mandarins
The project consists is taking a volume
from space and reproducing it with the
system with which the installation
works. This consists, in this case, of
mandarins hanging from the ceiling,
sewn together. The masses are
determined by measures in situ.

9.-19. September 2021
Audio installation that repeats
a 13-minute recording of the
Nesenbach River, at points where
the river flows underground for its
13 kilometers.

Realization in the context
of the art festival
SPACE" Stuttgart, Germany
Fotos: Nadine Bracht

La Casa de Dios
Photo printed on cardboard and
Structure composed of recycled
elements, variable measures

The House of God is the name of a
street vendor's stall found through
Google Maps in a street in Colombia, to
which the project owes its name. The
series, which is constantly evolving,
focuses on collecting and classifying
the parasol, which is considered an
unanimous main element in different
places around the world.

In the series Medellín, Colombia, the
flat surface on the back is supported by
a structure of elements found and
recycled on the street, assembled in a
banal way and telling of a fragile and
hidden, ephemeral and unstable reality.
The back of the photos reflects the
reality of those who earn their living as
vendors on the streets of Medellín.

Ausstellungsansicht: Wie Wasser brenn
fall Wasser. Lange Nacht der Museen,
Stuttgart Germany.
Fotos: Miji Lee

Graphite pencil on paper, various
measures. The Series has been in
development since 2017 and continues
to develop.

In this series some trash cans are
represented without their surroundings.
Subsequently the containers are
displaced, and keeping their silhouette,
the space behind is drawn and shown
next to the image of the trash can. The
image of the container and the image of
the space it conceals are separated by
an empty white space. The selection of
the information represented undergoes
an operation of subtraction or addition,
generating a tension between what is
seen. This means that the viewer
speculates on the possible associations
between the images, thanks to the
empty space that arises due to the
subtraction: what is the container and
what is the content? What is the inside
and what is the outside?